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News / The Folklore Association of the Czech Republic is a new partner EUA

The Folklore Association of the Czech Republic is a new partner EUA

To safeguard the the immense wealth of traditional Bohemian, Moravian and Silesian folk culture is the main mission of the Folklore Association of the Czech Republic. This is a non-governmental organization  based on common interest, which associates some 14 000 folk musicians, singers and dancers in more than 400 folklore ensembles. Since its foundation in 1990, it has become the largem cultural association in the Czech Republic, and taking in to account that almou free thirds of its membership are made up of children and youth, i tis also one of most important children’s and youth organizations in the country.

In the spa town Luhacovice signed a cooperation agreement presidents of both organizations (Zdenek Psenica and Petr Vasicek) on 15 9th 2012. The purpose of the agreement is the promotion and development of traditional folk culture and folklore.

EUA is not closed up either in a limiting shell of conservative art perception or in false cultural elitism. Every cultural achievement which enriches other people spiritually, making them happier and nobler, and which above all connects them, deserves at least a gesture of recognition, if not a public award. And this is where the basic mission of EUA lies.

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