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Swiss traces of Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Russian nobleman Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy is one of the ten most important writers in the world. In the years 1853 - 1856 he fought in the army of Tsarist Russia against the Muslim Army of the Ottoman Empire (today’s Turkey), which was strongly supported by militaries from the periphery of Europe (England, France, Sardinia, Prussia). After the Crimean War, the writer traveled to the clinic in Clarens (now part of the city of Montreux) on the Swiss shores of Lake Geneva. After a three-month healing of the consequences of the war, he stayed at the Switzerhof Hotel in Luzern, where he wrote

the story "Luzern" in 1857 describing the uncultivated and barbarian supremacy of the English lords who also lived in Luzern at the Hotel Switzerhof (http://www.schweizerhof-luzern.ch/en/). The European Union of Arts wants to recall the world-wide significance of the philosophical legacy of the nobleman, writer, educator, pacifist and believing Christian L. N. Tolstoy in the 190th anniversary of his birth in Jasna Poljana. A marble memorial plaque with a copper embossment will be unveiled (see photo by Stefan Pelikan, SVK), bronze bust of this writer (author Kamil Papucik, SVK), and the "L. N. Tolstoy Nature Trail" will be built on the Swiss shores of Lake Geneva. To complement the information of the visitors of the "N. Tolstoy Nature Trail", a tourist guide will be printed in French, Russian, English and Slovak. The European Union of Arts is the only international association that honors writers, journalists, publishers and educators with the European award „Gold Medal of Leo Tolstoy“ from 2013.

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